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Why Northern Ireland?

"Why is Wonky's first collection from Northern Ireland?" Or, "What does Northern Ireland have to do with women in developing countries?" I'm so glad you asked and even more pleased to share the heartwarming story of how our first collection was born from hardship.

X: Cobalt Blue

Meet Sylvia B. Hello, I’m Sylvia B. and I’m a Wonky knitter. How long have you been knitting? I have knit for over 60 years. I started knitting at 6 and knit my first jumper when I was 7 (probably with help)     Is it a family tradition? Have you taught...

X: Ivory Natural

Meet Jean Keown Hello, I’m Jean. and I’m a Wonky helper. Hello Jean! Can you tell us how you know Yuri, the founder of Wonky? Well, believe it or not, I got to know Yuri 2 years ago now coming at Christmas. Yuri came to Northern Ireland as my son Thomas’s...

X: Rose Petal

Meet Evelyn Hello, I’m Evelyn. Hello Evelyn and you’re one of our Wonky Knitters. Yes, that’s right.   Where do you live Evelyn? I live in Kilkeel.   Have you lived here all your life? No, I haven’t lived here all my life. I lived at Carginagh for 50 years....

X: Pale Blush

Meet Hazel Hi, I’m Hazel and I’m a Wonky knitter Hello Hazel its lovely to meet you. You are knitting for Wonky, how did you hear about Wonky? I heard about Wonky from Yuri’s Mother in law, she had heard that I was a knitter and asked I would be...

X: Goldenrod

Meet Ruth T Hello, I’m Ruth and I’m a Wonky knitter. Hello Ruth, you might be a Wonky knitter but you’re not from the Mournes with an accent like that! Can you tell us a little but about where you’re from and how you ended up here in this lovely...

X: Pink Heather Speckle

How long does it take to knit a hat? "A couple of days if you were sitting and doing it... about two days. It's enjoyable!"

X: Brilliant Orange

Elizabeth G. on knitting during the lockdown... "We are [stuck in the house], so we're glad we're knitting!"

X: Red Speckle