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X: Red Speckle


Meet Elizabeth W.

How did you hear about Wonky?

"Yuri first asked if I would knit for Wonky and I said no problem. It's nice to know you can go to the comfort of your own home, sit down on your sofa your fire lit, knit a wee bit and realize that you are actually helping another lady in another country, and there's a reward in doing it, a wee satisfaction for yourself."


How did you begin to knit?

"I've been knitting for 42 years, my mother knitted cardigans and jumpers for us growing up.. and my mother-in-law was also a fabulous knitter."


Do you have many children and grandchildren?

"I have 4 children, and 11 grandchildren"


Can you teach us some local slang?

"In this part of the world we call potaots spuds. We love our spuds."

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