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Why Northern Ireland?

Why Northern Ireland?

You may be wondering, "Why is Wonky's first collection from Northern Ireland?" Or, "What does Northern Ireland have to do with women in developing countries?"

I'm so glad you asked and even more pleased to share the heartwarming story of how our first collection was born from hardship.

What we planned...

These past few months have been incredibly challenging in Bolivia and Guatemala. Both women’s organizations we work with are in rural communities that were severely impacted economically and physically by Covid-19. So by mid-September this year, it was clear we would not be able to launch with sweaters from Bolivia as planned. So the question became "How do we stand with these women while they cannot do business at all?"

What happened... <3

My husband's grandmother Sadie was always knitting.   Despite never leaving Northern Ireland, she devoted most nights for 80 years knitting for pre-mature babies and their mothers in Malawi, women and children she would never meet. She knitted for thousands. She passed away last year but her memory lives on through her daughters who continue to knit nightly.

One night, my mother-in-law and I asked another question,

'What if we knit for the ladies in Bolivia and Guatemala from right here?'

We reached out to local knitters asking if they would knit products before the holidays and donate 100% of profits to help women in these communities. I thought we would be lucky if we found 2-3 committed knitters, but over 20 signed up to use their craft to benefit other women a world away.

Every piece of this collection is lovingly handknit by a skilled woman in Mourne. They are women who knit for the purpose of creating steady employment for the talented women of Guatemala and Bolivia. We are so proud to stand with them and with the women we serve.

Your purchase can and should make a difference. With this first collection...100% of it makes that difference <3


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