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Meet Bernie

Where are you from?

Ballinascreen Co Derry.


How long have you been knitting?

Gosh I’ve been knitting since about 11 years old. Mum taught my siblings and myself to knit.


How did you learn to knit?

Well I have 11 siblings so mum knit all our cardigans jumpers etc also our school uniform jumper.


Is it a family tradition? Have you taught your children?

I tried to teach my children to knit but they aren’t interested


How many grandchildren do you have?

I have 2 beautiful grandsons.


How long does it take you to make a hat? A scarf?

The hat probably took 2 days to knit and the scarf 4 days depending on what else I am doing.


What does Wonky mean to you? or How has it been working with Wonky?

Yuri is always so pleasant every time I meet her so Wonky means to me something special that Yuri has put a lot of time and love in and all from Ireland.


Why do you want to help women in Bolivia/ Guatemala?

All women should have the same opportunity to work in every country.


What is your Favorite place in mourne?

My favourite place is my home in Warrenpoint.


Favorite Irish Dish / Favorite way to eat potatoes?

Potatoes are best boiled mixed with butter and milk.

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