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X: Brilliant Orange


Meet Elizabeth G.

Hello, I’m Elizabeth G. and I’m a Wonky knitter.

Hello Elizabeth, how long have you been knitting for?

Since primary school.. I also worked in the knitting factory after I left school a few years back until it closed down


So you've been knitting your whole life up until now really.

mmhmm.. look at this here I knitted (showing a full adult size Aran sweater)


Are you knitting hats and scarves at the moment?

Yes, hat and scarves


Esther was telling us that it takes 2 days to knit a scarf, how long would it take to knit a scarf?

Most of a week


So a lot of time and energy goes into it, cause they're quite long aren't they?

They're 72 inches long


These days we're all stuck in the house really...

We are, so we're glad we're knitting!

Yes! We're glad we're knitting

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