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X: Cobalt Blue

Meet Sylvia B.

Hello, I’m Sylvia B. and I’m a Wonky knitter.

How long have you been knitting?

I have knit for over 60 years. I started knitting at 6 and knit my first jumper when I was 7 (probably with help)


Is it a family tradition? Have you taught your children?

Both my Grannies and my mum knit, they learnt me to knit.  I taught my children but only one of them knit occasionally.


How many grandchildren do you have?

I have 11 grandchildren.  Kathy is 20, and learnt to knit when young but doesn’t knit now.  Lucy is 7 and can knit wee scarves for her dolls.


How long does it take you to knit a hat? A scarf?

Bobble hats take about 6 hours and the cable one 7 hours approximately, a scarf takes about 5 nights so 20 hours I think. 


What does Wonky mean to you or how has it been working with Wonky?

I have loved knitting hats and scarves I love being busy and helping people.


Why do you want to help women in Bolivia/Guatemala?

When I read the article in the paper I thought that’s something I could do.


Do you have other causes you support?

Yes cancer and hospice charities. Also, church missionary organisations in Malawi.


What is favourite place in Mourne?

I love the mountains and the sea, so Cranfield.  I walk a lot in the forest parks – Silent Valley, Kilbroney, Tollymore and Castlewellan.


Teach me local slang

Ma and Da

Wee (little)

Foundered (cold)

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