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X: Rose Petal


Meet Evelyn

Hello, I’m Evelyn.

Hello Evelyn and you’re one of our Wonky Knitters.

Yes, that’s right.


Where do you live Evelyn?

I live in Kilkeel.


Have you lived here all your life?

No, I haven’t lived here all my life. I lived at Carginagh for 50 years.


Okay, so you’ve moved down into live in the town. That’s probably a bit different?

Yes quite different (laughs)


So you have been knitting for Wonky, can you tell us a wee bit about how you learned to knit?

Well I learned whenever I was at Ballymageough School in primary school. I knitted a cardigan and somebody stole it on me and that wasn’t very good!


Oh that was not a good start! (Laughs) I hope no one is going to try and steel some of the things you are knitting for Wonky. I see over the arm of your chair there you have a piece that is for Wonky.



What’s this that you are knitting at the moment, would you like to show us?

This is a scarf.


Yes I don’t know if my video can pick up – oh yes we’re picking up the wee bobbles there.

The balls is sort of hard

Yes I can imagine that would be a difficult stitch.

It’s not really whenever you get used to it like, it’s not really too bad.


How long would it take you to knit a scarf, you’ve almost finished this one?

Well I got this one last Saturday and I have it nearly finished now but I haven’t been at it…just off and on there was two days I wasn’t at it at all.


Okay so you just do it whenever you have time to do it, have you taught anybody any of your knitting skills in your family?

(Shakes head) No, no none of them can knit.

Nobody else? Not one.

Oh my goodness, I think you should be handing on this tradition to somebody you know (laughs)


Okay. So, someone told me that this wool doesn’t arrive in traditional balls of wool that we would know. Can you us a little bit about how this wool arrives and what you’ve to do with it?

Oh yes it comes in skein’s and you have to roll it in balls.

Oh goodness, does that take a long time?

Well I never did it like.


So a skein, can you explain a skein

It’s a long, like a long..

Like a hoop nearly?


Okay so someone has taken the time to roll that up for all the knitters?



So, what do you do in your spare time other than knitting?

Well I garden… I don’t do a big lot for I’d all this place to sort out…

Evelyn has just moved into this lovely new house, a very lucky lady.


Somebody told me you’re a jam maker is that right?

Yes, laughs, I make jam. I make jam and give it all away!

You give it all away?

Nods, I give it all away yep.


Right okay, well Wonky is supporting ladies in developing countries. Can you tell me why you got involved and why you enjoy knitting for Wonky?

Well, it’s nice to be able to help people isn’t it? You know, that maybe don’t have as much as we have.


Well I have to say any of the knitters I met have a great talent and its absolutely brilliant to see people like yourself putting their talents to use for such a worthy cause as the Wonky pieces that are for sale at the moment. Do you help any other causes?

Well, I do ehh... for wee babies premature babies, wee hats for those and the wee things for their arms I do those too.


So you’re a very busy lady! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me this afternoon.

It’s a pleasure.

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