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About Our Wool

Our wool comes from a family owned and operated mill passed down from generation to generation since 1760 in County Kerry, Ireland. 

At Wonky, we believe in utilizing local resources and collaborating with people who have similar values to our own. We are passionately committed to transparency, ethical practices, and sustainability.

We insist on 100% Irish wool for the Northern Ireland collection because 

  1. We believe in keeping our carbon footprint low and resources close to our knitters
  2. We desire total transparency; we want to know where the sheep are from and how they are treated
  3. We support the local practice of rotational grazing.
    • Rotational grazing means that not only are the sheep kept in a field to roam freely as opposed to a pen or a farmhouse, the flock is moved from field to field on a regular schedule to prevent the sheep from over-grazing which causes carbon releasing from the soil into the air, creating greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Rotational grazing has numerous advantages including increasing soil fertility, stimulating forage growth by 30-70%, and diversifying fauna that the sheep carry from field to field through their digestive system.

We love Irish wool because when sheep are kept in their natural element, and in the climate of the Emerald Isle, their fleece becomes accustomed to wind and rain and so produces an incredibly warm, durable fiber. The high crimp of Irish wool is what gives our hats and scarves a unique, sculptural aesthetic that highlights each and every loving stitch.