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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions we receive from our customers. We hope you find this information helpful, but if you have a question that is not answered here please contact us at

Yes. Our web system conforms with your right to be forgotten. Simply open a support ticket requesting to have all your data wiped and we will remove it. Our system will also alert third parties to your request so that they may remove data that relates to your relationship with us. Some notes on this issue, this is an irreversible process, all your data including your email address will be wiped from our system (we wont be able to contact you after it is completed). By law we are required to retain your transaction history for tax and legal purposes, but this data is ring fenced. If you change your mind, you can of course always come back and buy from us again, but our system will treat you as a brand new customer.
  • Does Wonky production involve developing countries?

    Yes! Our mission is to invest, train, and upskill women in developing countries and to enable them to run and manage their own business. We are very careful about our partnerships and strive to work primarily with women’s co-ops where we know they are given fair wages and good working conditions. We visit our partners regularly, and continue to invest in their training programs.

  • Is Wonky environmentally responsible?

    Yes! We try our best to make sure that everything from A-Z is as environmentally friendly as possible. We are a group of fashion industry veterans who witnessed first hand the negative impact of fast fashion and strive to do better. Learn more about wool and our knitters .

    If there are ways we could be better, let us know!

  • What countries do you ship to?

    Our current shipping is set up for the US and the UK. If you are interested in purchasing one of our products, get in touch with us and we can arrange alternative shipping.

  • How much does shipping cost?

    All of our shipping cost is included in your order for regular delivery. If you would like to receive your order sooner we offer expedited shipping with cost adjusted to your location and your delivery date.

    To US:

    Standard Delivery: Free

    Expedited Delivery: $10

    Rush Delivery: $20

    To UK:

    Standard Delivery: Free

    Expedited Delivery: $5

    Rush Delivery: $10

  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    All orders received before 1pm local time will ship the very same day. Orders received afterwards will ship the following day to the shipping speed you select.

    To the US

    Standard delivery: 5-7days

    Expedited delivery: 4-5days

    Rush: 1-2days

    To the UK

    Standard delivery: 5 days

    Expedited delivery: 2-3days

    Rush: 1-2days

  • Do I have to pay import duties?

    There are no import duties for the UK, and no import duties for purchases under $500 for the USA. For other countries please contact us directly and we will speak with our courier.

  • Do you charge sales taxes?

    We want everyone to pay the same for their Wonky regardless of the country they happen to live in. So our prices are inclusive of all sales taxes and are the same around the globe. EU sales are liable for VAT , but don't worry, we pay it on your behalf. If you are an EU customer and require a VAT receipt , just open a support ticket and we will be happy to issue it for you.

  • How do I care for my wool products?

    Wool is stain resistant, odor resistant, and naturally breathable so you do not need to wash your products often. This means that caring for product is easy and gentle on the planet!

    If there is a small area that needs washing, we recommend spot cleaning and keeping it localized.

    If you are very certain it needs a deeper clean we recommend a lukewarm to cold soak and handwash. We are fans of Eucalan Wool wash because it is natural detergent with lanolin as a key ingredient. Lanolin is a natural chemical secreted from the sheep’s skin that both softens the wool and makes it water resistant.

    When washing be careful not to agitate the wool too much. Afterwards lay product flat on a towel and roll to squeeze out excess moisture. Flat dry to prevent stretching out product.

  • How can I soften the wool?

    Our wool comes straight from our sheep to you. In some cases it has never been treated or dyed. Because of this, some people may find the wool mildly abrasive at first. However the wool will soften naturally with each wearing as it adapts, softens and conforms to its new owner.

  • How can I stop my wool from pilling?

    Yet another reason we love Irish wool! Irish wool has not been processed as much as double-knit wool or seemingly softer yarns that are in the market, which means the fibers are stronger and less likely to break into small pills. Your hat or scarf may take a little longer to break in, but it will last much longer.

  • How often do you restock items?

    Our knitters are constantly creating additional product. As more than one member has said, "knitting is the perfect way to spend these long winter nights at home."

    If the item you seek is not available, send us a note and we can let you know when it will be available.