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Blackberry Bobble Scarf - Limited edition


Our 100% Promise

  • 100% Hand-knit
  • 100% Pure Irish Wool 
  • 100% Profits go to women's employment

Gorgeous and soft, the Blackberry Bobble scarf is 72” so it is a labor of love. It takes one of our brave knitters 1-2weeks to hand-knit and finish each piece.

Ireland is well-known for traditional Aran sweaters and stitches and the stories they tell. This scarf features the Irish Moss stitch, Aran Cable stitch, and blackberry stitch.

The Irish Moss symbolizes a good harvest.  Carrageen moss is a type of seaweed that is used for food and fertilizer on barren field that comes from the Irish coast.

A traditional Aran Cable stitch represents  fisherman’s rope and the promise of safety and good fortune at sea.

The blackberry stitch is actually what creates the bobble, so when we call our scarf the ‘Blackberry Bobble’ it is redundant. But, we love the significance of the blackberry stitch and love saying bobble so we had to call it the ‘Blackberry Bobble scarf.’

The blackberry or bobble on this hat represents the thickets of blackberry bushes around the island. A reminder of nature’s riches around the island.

Pair it with the Blackberry Bobble hat! 

Size: Approximately 10“ x 72“ (Width x Length)

Pieces may have a slight variation in size because they are hand-knit. Learn more about your knitter when you receive your hat! Our hats are marked with an “X,” each color unique to the knitter who created the hat.

Blackberry Bobble Scarf - Limited edition