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Textured Waffle Scarf: Black


Our 100% Promise

  • 100% Hand-knit
  • 100% Pure Irish Wool 
  • 100% Profits for women's employment

This gorgeous scarf is 72” long, which means it takes our knitters 1-2 weeks to finish by hand. It comes in a very limited edition because it’s a long labor of love.

Made from 100% Irish wool, the waffle scarf is stylish, structured, and ridiculously warm. The sheep hail from the green hills of County Kerry, Ireland where they roam free and weather the glorious Irish wind and rain. The result is wool that is sculptural, long-lasting, and impervious to any climate whether it’s in the city or on mountain tops. Naturally stain resistant, our wool needs minimal maintenance, softening and adapting to you over time. A classic piece to share down from generation to generation. 

It features a rice stitch, link cable stitch, and regular cable stitch. The Aran cable represents fisherman’s rope and the promise of safety and good fortune at sea.

Pair with our waffle hat! 

Approximately 7.5“ x 72“ (Width x Length) 

Pieces may have a slight variation in size because they are hand-knit. Learn more about your knitter when you receive your hat! Our scarves are marked with an “X,” each color unique to the knitter who created the scarf.

Textured Waffle Scarf: Black